A little thought for the day

I think we are all destined to encounter certain people.  Whether you want to call it fate, God, serendipity, karma, Mother Nature, whatever…I think the people we encounter on our journey are meant to be there and cross our path.  They teach us things about ourselves that we may not have known.  They enforce and test a virtue you want to have.  They teach us empathy, understanding, patience.  They show us how to laugh and how to think and sometimes they are just there to smile at us when we can’t smile for ourselves. Sometimes we remember them, sometimes their  time with us is so short, we barely notice they were there.  Sometimes, someone very special comes along that ends up being a support over all others.  A true friend.  When we encounter these people, we desperately cling to them and cherish them, because they might need you just as much as you need them.

With this thought in mind, I encourage whatever readers I might have, to go out and make some joyful thunderous noise today and be thankful for the people that you have to stand next to in all weather.  They are certainly worth holding onto and celebrating.

I wish you well,



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