The Final Goodbye

Tonight I sold a whip that means a lot to me.  I made a video about it a couple of months ago, and frankly, at first I wasn’t going to sell it.  My very first art whip was made from the branch of a pussy willow bush.  It was the last bit of branch that was left from when my dad was alive and making walking sticks.  Just a little piece, about 12 inches long, but it was the last bit.  I sent the whip off to be featured in a video about my whips and expected it to come home.

I knew of someone who really liked it and got to thinking, I have a few things here that dad made just for me.  I don’t need that whip.  Dad loved to learn about other countries and how cool would it be to send this last bit down to the bottom of the world for someone far away to enjoy.  I appreciate the New Zealander who purchased it and I know it will be loved for what it is, the first and last of it’s kind.

I think it’s right and fitting.  I’m at peace with it and it’s kind of cool to see Dad’s art travel the world.  There will be other Willows, but nothing like THE Willow, just like there was no one quite like my dad.


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