The Fighter

I say this whip was a fighter, because it just seemed to want to be difficult from the very beginning.  It ended up a foot longer than it should have been, the handle wanted to loosen, the overlay was not cooperating.  New cord was bought, redos, swearing, but this morning we went outside and it got the first taste of what it was, and, I think it is happy being a whip.  I have found, overall, if the whip fights you, it will be good.  I am always suspicious when it goes too well.

Often times, the smooth building whip is up to something mischievous, but wont tell you until after its waxed and out in the yard.  By then, its too late.  The easy ones are the rebels…they know what they are doing.

I hope fighter is happy in Texas.  I foresee moments on top of mountains and next to lakes and on long walks in the woods.  Make a joyful noise Fighter.  Fight on.

3 comments on “The Fighter

    • Take it to the edge of the water and let the fall drag through while you crack. The spray is beautiful. I stood on a waterfall and cracked my whip today when out taking pictures. Never waste a good water feature 🙂


      • I’ve not drug it through the lake yet, but I have cracked one in the early morning fog and dew. If you get the angle just right to the sun it makes little flashes of color when you pop it.


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