The Whip Basics DVD Series

Having found my love for whipcracking and ultimately, whipmaking from the Whip Basics family, I owe a lot to the site and the people therein.  From there, I had the encouragement and the support I needed to learn and grow as a whip maker through knowing how my whip works.  That being said, I support the site and people there in kind.

Robert Amper has produced a DVD set introducing the art of whipcracking to many people in a safe and calm environment.  Under his tutelage, you will find calm and patience, which is so essential when first learning a new skill.  I appreciate the awesomeness of professional performers as they go through each move quickly and efficiently.  There is no doubt that anyone seeing it would love to have that kind of talent, but it can be frustrating trying to learn even the most basic moves when watching them demonstrated at full speed and sometimes even mixed with several other cracks. This can be confusing and often results in getting unnecessarily hurt in the process while you stumble through what you think you should be doing.

This is where Robby’s DVDs are perfect.    Here is where you will learn the basic foundation you need to experiment and develop safely without any flashy showmanship, in a step-by-step format that allows you time to see the crack over and over before going out and trying it for yourself.  Before you leave your living room, you know exactly how to produce that first crack without wounding yourself, but formatted in chapters to allow you to stop the video and easily get back to where you were to review or move on as you please.  For the novice whip cracker, this is an excellent resource.

For a more advanced whipcracker, the series also allows the handler to review and hone in on a problem that might be keeping them from producing the crack that they want with visualizations and tips and tricks that can help you get through that grey area and succeed, not only for a problem basic crack, but to utilize that same kind of visual to help learn more advanced cracks on your own.

Lastly, I know I mention “meditative cracking” a lot on my site and have a line of whips that I have made especially for this type or whipwork.  I’ve had a lot of people ask me what this means and why it is different than Show Whipping or fast Aussie-style cracking.  Meditative whipping utilizes the exact same cracks as the faster show cracking, but it is slow and deliberate.  Often best achieved with a heavier whip, it allows the cracker to dance with the whip with a more elegant and deliberate style.  For those people who enjoy target work, or struggle with joint problems, or arthritis, this is an excellent way to keep everything moving while enjoying some beautiful exercise as well. This is a specialty of Robby’s and is something he is very passionate about, that is reflected in every second of these DVDs.  Elegance and style.

To me, the $130.00 price tag is well worth the investment and my own set is well worn.  I am pleased to announce though, that from December 1, 2017 until January 1, 2018, the Whip Basics 4 DVD set is only $80.00.  If anyone is interested or has been interested in obtaining these videos, it’s a great deal and an excellent resource for young and old alike.

For more information please visit, check out the forum and see a sample of Robby’s style of teaching by watching a few of his videos on Youtube

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