A Whipmaker’s Shoutout

I’m not sure if you are an avid follower of the awesome Paracord Planet or not, but when shopping for ideas the other day, I noticed a new product in the 550 paracord section for metallic cord.


First, a little customer service story:

I had purchased the rainbow specialty cord from Paracord Planet.  It’s something I have wanted for a while, but it being double the price of regular cord, I was hesitant.  Here’s the thing, the description said it was nylon and made in the USA.  As one does when one just got what they have wanted, I took to Facebook to shout it to the world.   It was here that I was asked if it was really nylon.  Apparently, nylon cannot be dyed in the way that this cord is dyed.  Hm…

So I went to Paracord Planet and explained what the description of their cord said versus what I was being told by commentary on Facebook.  Indeed, when getting an answer from Paracord Planet, I was told that the description was a mistake, the rainbow cord is in fact polyester and imported.  To thank me for catching this mistake, they offered me free paracord of my choice.  I chose Dark Knight metallic paracord.  How awesome was that?  Very awesome.

So, assuming you have not worked with this paracord as of yet, I will tell you what I have found:  As most polyester does, there is a certain stretch to the cord overall.  Some people love this, some don’t, but it seems to be a feature across the board with polyester and Dacron cord.  It is also softer and more flexible a cord than a Nylon cord, which can be a deciding factor when it comes to paracord for whipmaking.

The metallic tracers found in the paracord does offer up a different texture.  It is easily plaited, but when rolling out your thong, even with a hot roll, it does not flatten down as well as does most cord, both nylon and polyester.  It just doesn’t and, in my opinion, this is purely cosmetic and is on par with what the whipmaker wants in terms of looks.  I personally don’t find it to be an issue performance-wise or in terms of durability; however, if you happen to be someone who really likes the “pressed shirt” look on your thongs, you might be disappointed there.   It’s flat, but not “pressed shirt” flat.

Lastly, YES!  You CAN wax!  I was really worried that because of the silver tracer, there would be some serious shrinkage when in a hot wax bath.  Now, let me say, my wax bath is a double boiler situation which I find is optimal for an even, constant heat.  I soaked samples for 20 minutes in the bath before immersing my own and measured length before and after.  No change.  I was more than happy to add my finished whip and let it soak.  The final result is a really, really epic effect that I think will truly sparkle under fluorescent lights (hint hint performers!)


I hope this helps answer a couple of questions you may have when trying this cord out.  There are some great, great possibilities to be had here and I am looking forward to seeing what the whip community comes up with.   It also seems as though there are more colors out there than what Paracord Planet offers.  I am absolutely going to alert them of this and ask if they can offer those colors too.

Be well!



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