Whips and Weight Loss

So, I was finally talked into sharing my story with the world, which you can read in it’s entirely HERE.  I am not the average whip maker inspired by Indiana Jones.  I was, instead, inspired by a random person with a random whip at an Old West Festival.  There were no movie heroes for me.  No famous encounters, or dazzling  performances.  No cat women, no Zorro…just a random guy in a random place, who knew 1 crack.

It was at a time of my life that I was failing.  I had undergone gastric bypass surgery and lost a lot of weight, but having started at 500 pounds, I had to lose 2 teenage football players in full pads to even get within 50 pounds of my healthy weight.  Gastric bypass got me started, but little did I know, I would have to finish it.

Sadly, I didn’t want to finish it.  I wanted it to be easy.  I wanted instant results.  I didn’t know there was more to it than that.  When I started taking up whip cracking, I had no idea I was exercising, but soon realized that I was and, it was FUN!

Here is what I want to stress to you if you are just starting out:  Don’t give up.  If you don’t see numbers changing on the scale, keep working.  This is something I needed to remind myself and study up on, because it is why I thought diets and exercise never worked for me.  I didn’t give it a chance.  I was uneducated as to how my body worked and it only took a month to quit.

Don’t quit okay?  The first few pounds will fall off rather quickly.  You will be inspired to keep going until, after the first month goes by and you don’t see the scale moving anymore.  A couple of weeks after that, you might see the numbers go up by several pounds.  You aren’t doing anything wrong!!!  I swear it.  If you are exercising every day and eating well, you are building muscle and muscle is heavier than fat.

Stop jumping on that scale every day.  Try on clothes that were too tight.  Do they fit better?  Then you are succeeding.  Go by how your clothes fit.  The number on the scale will move again, but only if you keep fighting.  You can do this.  You are amazing and inspiring and unbeatable.  Pick up your whip and dance.  We will do this together.

Be well,


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