The 275 whip

About a year ago, I decided I wanted to make a whip from 275 paracord.  For those who don’t know, 275 is very very small, about half the size of regular 550 pracord.

I had managed to make one as a prototype, but the plait count was off and the build was just so wrong.  It performed  horribly.  Despite this, I took it to Germany for my friend Robert Amper to try.  He agreed.  It has potential, but it’s just not right.

So, I came back home and started trying to figure out how I wanted this build to go.  I wanted length, but I wanted it to be markedly lighter than my other whips.  I wanted control and a slow roll out with accuracy in target work.  Light like a hybrid, but behaving like a heavy target whip.  I was able to achieve this with my Practical Whip line, but I was unsure I could do it again at a different, even lighter level.

After some thinking, I was able to build something that I think has done the trick.  An overall length of 7 feet, with a 20-plait overlay, weighted heel for balance, and gradual core weight extending all the way to the tip.  It is incredibly light, but with the control capabilities you would find in a much heavier target whip.  I was able to try it for a few minutes before I stiffened from the cold and it will take some getting used to.  I am very accustomed to a slower heavy style whip.  This is light enough to get away from you if you are used to the same.  It does, however, move very well and after a few seconds behind the heel,  it will surprise you.

I am thinking this will be a great whip for anyone suffering with arthritis, or a beginning step for someone who is just starting out with whipcracking and needs to start light until their strength is up, but slow enough for a beginner.  I like the lightness of a hybrid, I don’t care for the short length, nor do I care for the lack of binding and support that I think is essential in a good whip.  I don’t think Hybrids are good for beginners, and this is why I went looking to build something that might be.

I look forward to warmer days here in Wisconsin where I will be able to spend some real time breaking it in without the subzero climate stiffening up the wax.  By the end of the month, I anticipate a good long dance in the backyard.

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