The Fat Acceptance Movement is Bullshit

Ohhh, riled up are you?  Good.  Now listen up.

Health at every size is a lie.  This entire movement with overweight people screaming oppression is made up of people scared to fail.

You are scared.  You want someone else to blame for your own failure and that’s more comfortable to you than taking responsibility for what you are putting in your mouth.  It’s easier to wave a little flag than take a walk and track some calories.

I know, I know.  I was there once.  I was angry that there weren’t enough size choices, hated movie seat theaters, had to think through sitting in certain chairs, yep.  I was a fat justice warrior, hatin’ on the skinny bitches and overall being an angry homebody with a big bag of chips waving around my middle finger and giving no shits.

I grew up hearing:

“It runs in the family.”

“You will never be thin, you aren’t made to be thin.”  

“You are big boned”

I also was mercilessly  teased and bullied because of my size all through school.  I was out there working on a farm, cutting wood, riding bike, walking, fishing, hunting, hiking. Active is awesome, but if you aren’t in a calorie deficit, you won’t lose, so spare me that story.  I’m not a thin person judging you.  I am a fat person telling you how it is.  This is how it is.

I have a food addiction.  I get excited over food.  It makes me happy.  So addicted, that I managed to become 500 pounds before I decided to try to take a bit of control.  At that point, it was almost too late.  I didn’t have diabetes or heart failure yet , but it was swiftly coming as my high blood pressure and boarder line sugars were telling me at 38, that I was in for a miserable existence with endless pills and illnesses.

My dad died of obesity.  Yes.  Obesity.  He had diabetes, lost his leg, horrible circulation, a bad heart, fluid retention, arthritis, etc, etc, etc.  All stems from obesity.  I loved my dad, my kids adored him.  It’s not fair that he died at only 67, the last 10 years he mostly lived in a bed or wheelchair.  I miss him.  I am not a hater.  Not even a little bit.  I want to save people.  I want to keep families together.  So listen, fat acceptance is not a thing.  Stop pretending it is.

If your Doctor tells you your joints hurt because you are overweight, its not medical oppression, its the truth.  I’m here to tell you, I could barely walk because my feet and legs hurt so much.  Now I can jog a bit when out for my daily walk.  Jog.  My feet don’t hurt.  My legs aren’t full of fluid (trust me here, it feels a gazillion times better not to have swollen ankles).  I have air in my chest and I can do things.  This world is so much bigger than your back yard.  It’s waiting to be touched by you.

Anyone who tells you that you can be healthy at any size is lying to you.  Eventually, it will catch up with you.   Obesity is the second leading cause of death in the US.  Second only to tobacco use, but barely.

Do I think you should be treated badly because of your weight?  No.  Fat shaming is mean and it does nothing but make a person more depressed.  How do we deal with depression?  Cake.  Chips.  Soda.  Stop.  I’m here to fight with you, not fight at you.  I have a ways to go and I want you to go with me.  Even if its only day 3 and the scale has not budged, you have every reason to be proud.  You strut, because soon it will be 30 days, then 60 days, then a year and you will be so, so happy.  Not the robotic defensive happy you see on Dr Phil.  The real thing.

So, step 1, find something you love.  Dancing, walking, whipcracking, knife throwing, flow arts, belly dancing, find your thing.  If you want to try out whipcracking, I will be happy to help you get started.  I crack away bits of the old me every day and reveal a more lively and happy me through my dance.  Don’t be scared to go out there.  You are a hero.  No one makes fun of heroes.  No one is talking about you except to admire your badassery.  They will see you and will want to follow your example.

Doing this is a heroic act.  You are a superhero.  To get up every day to work on changing your life is heroic.  It’s brave; much braver than fighting “thin privilege.”  You are so much braver than raging on YouTube about plane seats and clothing stores.  You are a true fighter when you take the weightloss journey.  If you are brave enough to wage war on social media, you should have no problems taking control of your life.

Fat acceptance isn’t a thing.  Taking steps to change your life is a thing.  Health acceptance is a thing.   You are an amazing thing.  Let me know how I can help you.  We will do this together.   You are loved.  You are Sui Generis.

Be well,







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