Good morning, Whippers!

I just came in from a bit of practice after some step aerobics.  I am trying to come up with a smooth routine that I may possibly be able to share with my readers, demonstrating what I mean by “meditative” cracking.  I’m having a hard time figuring out how to smoothly transition from a vertical to a horizontal plane without stopping.  I also spent some time trying to learn a few tosses, because tosses are cool 🙂

I’m a little frustrated  this morning.  It’s been 3 weeks with no weight loss at all and as my goal date gets closer I feel like I’m doing something wrong.  I’m sure my readers have experienced this too.  Tell me about it below in the comments.  I would love to hear some kindred stories, so we can support each other through all of this.

Like I said in my last blog, I know it will happen.  While the fat comes off, it is replaced with muscle mass and I am trying very hard to keep that in mind.  As long as I keep trying, I’ll be okay.

I chose a new job the other day, something I can do until my whips pick up and I finish school.  I specifically chose it for the exercise.  I’m now a valet driver at the casino nearby.  This is my second week.  I really love it.  I had done this job years ago, but ate horribly and was consuming many king size candy bars and bags of chips every night.  It really makes no difference how much exercise is happening, if you eat like shit and take in so many calories, so I got nowhere back then.  This time, though.  This time, I have it figured out.  I know a sudden drop in weight will happen.  I just have to keep going and don’t lose focus.

I had this interesting thing happen to me last night.  My husband’s best friend walked by my valet window last night.  I haven’t seen him since last October and so I leaned out and said, “Well hi Steve!”  He never even looked my way.  I thought he might not have heard me, so I repeated my greeting, to which he barely looked out the corner of his eye before he said rashly, “I see you.”  I thought this was incredibly unlike him and wondered if he was mad at me or my husband for some reason.  In the 20 years we have known him, he has always been very soft spoken and polite and full of complements.  I won’t deny I was incredibly hurt.  I sent my husband a text and told him about the situation.  He, at that point, texted  Steve.  The reply was that he suspected it may have been me, but thought I was too young and too thin to be me.  This of course does not negate the way he handled being greeted by someone who knew his name, for the love of Pete.  :/  But, if he is telling the truth about the youth and weight, I’m happy and, especially after seeing the same number on the scale again today, I’m glad that, in the long run, progress is being made.

I guess if I am going to give any encouragement to you today, I’ll say, take the complements seriously, even if they are a little effed up.  If someone flirts or tells you you are pretty (or handsome), don’t be offended and go all stupid social justice warrior.  Be proper enough to say thank you and appreciate being noticed.

You can be offended and handle it accordingly if they continue to pester you after to tell them you are married/not interested.  And, if someone calls you by name that you don’t immediately recognize, say hello anyway and don’t be a rude asshole.  It might be someone you know really well that just lost a little weight and stress.   Jeez Louise.

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