And here it is!!!

I woke up this morning and stepped on the scale to finally see 2 more pounds gone.  If you read my entry from the other day, you know that I was a little frustrated, so today is a happy day.  I really want you to see this today and know that you have to just keep going.  All too often I hear, “I diet for a while and lose a little weight and then gain it back.”  This is a lifelong change.  You don’t get to go back to the way things were.  Not ever.  If you are an addict, then you need to get yourself some counseling and find something else to focus that addictive energy on.  This is why I tell everyone to find a past time that you love.  Mostly though, don’t stop.  This is our life now.  It’s filled with good things and the world is waiting for you to see it through the eyes of someone not hindered by size, sore joints, swollen ankles and shortness of breath.  I can’t tell you how free you are at this point, even with road ahead.

I am going out into the backyard with my headphones on to dance with my whip this morning.  Finally, spring has arrived to Wisconsin.  I’ve decided that I would like to try a couple of new things this summer.  One being, knife throwing.  I have done it off and on, but haven’t really focused on learning how to do it well.  I would like to practice that more ad, maybe archery.  Something I did as a kid, but when I dug my bow out of the rafters of the garage, it cracked quite audibly when I tried to string it.  A new bow and a target is on my list within the next weeks.  Maybe, some supplies will be in order as a birthday present, as I am aging again in May.

What will you be doing in the sunshine today Whippers?

Be well,


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