So, I decided to start using all my schoolin’ and put some of this graphic design stuff to use. I’ve met up with a few people now that have asked for business cards and I thought it would be as good a time as any to design up some cards. I haven’t even really thought of making a logo, so that happened too this week. After some time with Adobe Illustrator, I managed a logo that I liked.

From there, I went about designing a card. One of my favorite whips was a commission for a practice whip. A gift from a very nice former customer in Denmark, to his wife for Christmas. The photoshoot with this whip was a lot of fun and so I decided to use it, with a sepia effect for the cards. Of course I had to include the Ring of Trust logo, as i had worked so hard for it. The WB ROT logo design is by Tyler Blake of Exo Whips , who is also a very talented whip artist.

Of course, having designed the base logo, I am free to make whatever I may need. I am thinking about a car magnet and maybe a banner to hang should I decide to set up a table at functions, like the fair, etc.

In other news, I have experienced a couple of first time builds this last week. The first, was a lunge whip, commissioned from a man in Ohio who wished a gift for his wife. To be honest, before this week I had no idea what a Lunge Whip even was, so it was a big learning experience for me, but after some trial and error, I got the proper weight in terms of cord and the build went smoothly. Pink and gray were the colors chosen for this whip. It has a 4 foot handle with a 4.5 foot thong.

Another first this week was a previous customer coming back to me asking for a pair of lightweight bullwhips to learn 2-handed cracking. Since I had never actually attempted making whips specifically for 2 handed work, I had to do some studying. After looking at a few different methods, I set about making a prototype. I was not really happy with the thought of a single strand loaded paracord core. It really seemed like there should be something a tad more substantial. I went about building a firm, tight core that would better reflect my whips overall. That, coupled with tight plaiting and attention to details like seams and of course, my handle and my wax mixture, I think I came up with a very light, very easy to crack whip which easily is manipulated for fast cracking. My only other hurdle is making them identical. The cord is on it’s way and as soon as it arrives, I’ll set to work. I will be sure to share the pair of whips when I finish them this next week.

That’s all for me today.

Be well,


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