Welcome to Sui Generis


Sui Generis

It means, something unique.  Something handcrafted.  Something exclusively yours.  

That is what you will find here.  This is the home of the Art Whip.  An idea that function, artistic beauty and originality can coexist as one, and dance to the beat of a cracking whip.


My nylon whips are made one at a time exclusively unique from each other so that no two will ever be exactly alike.   My whips are made for slow cracking, target work, performing and meditation purposes and no matter what, the whip you choose will be exclusively yours.

I do not take commissions for my Art Whips.

Each Art whip  will be made and sold as is and once they are gone, they are gone.  I may repeat a theme, but I will never make copies.  Each one will be made from scratch.

Limited commissions will be taken on the Practical Whips. 



“It is up to you,  to be choosen by your whip…”