Art Whips for Sale

Here is where you will find new creations that are for sale and ready to be shipped. As stated, I create as I go and do not take commissions for the Art Whips. Each piece is handcrafted and completely original and made in my own spare time.  Please make sure to follow and subscribe to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL, where I advertise the new whips as they are made.


A whip called “Koi” features a 6 foot thong and 12 ” handle, for an overall length of 7 feet.  Built from a loaded and bound core, 1 belly, also sinew bound and a 12-plat overlay in midnight blue.  The koi fish “floating” graphic is hand cut and positioned over a textured handle.  Four turks head knots accent the look with a piece of shell in the heel.

This is a heavy and slow whip with weight carried completely down the thong.  This is perfect for target work and slow meditative cracking routines where style and elegance is the focus of the performance.  $175.00.

Please contact me at for payment.  I will do my best to get the best shipping price for you.



A 7 foot (6 foot thong, 12 inch handle) art whip with a brushed chrome handle, featuring a hand cut dyed mahogany veneer tribal motif on the handle. Matching wood accent on either end with 4 Turks head knots. A glass opulent cabochon graces the heel knot. 12 plait rust brown waxed overlay.

This is a medium-heavy slow whip as it is unloaded (a little lighter than my usual lead-loaded whips), perfect for single crack routines, body wraps and meditation purposes.  $170.00