You have your beautiful and unique Art Whip or Practical Whip.  Are you ready to use it?  You have read over and over that my whips are for slow cracking, single cracks, target working, fitness and meditation.  What does that mean?  How is it done?

Whether you are a new whip cracker or a seasoned professional, a good teacher and a solid foundation will make all the difference.  Robby Amper has created a wonderful beginner’s guide to classic whip cracking.  His patient and easy-to-follow teaching methods will give you an excellent foundation to build from in his DVD set Whip Basics – A Beginners Guide that can be found and purchased HERE.

These basic cracks are all you need to get started exercising with whips.  They are what got me started safely on my weight loss journey and what I practice every day when I exercise with my own whips.  Learning these will build your strength up and get you ready for more advanced cracking later on.


Robby is also the founder of the Whip Basics Forum, a very small, but wonderful group of family friendly whip enthusiasts and talented whip makers dedicated to continuing the tradition of whipmaking and classic whip cracking for farm and ranch use, as well as performance, exercise, and meditation purposes.

The forum is also the brand new home of the 10/10 challenge as well as the 20/20 training; which expand on Robby’s DVD set with both basic and more complicated cracks that build from the basic foundation laid down in The video DVDs.  Nowhere will you find a more beginner friendly, clear, and easy to-follow instruction.

You can visit the Whip Basic Forum HERE.  

Make sure to subscribe and follow Robby on YouTube HERE for Tutorials, WB Shorts, and whip reviews, and also follow him on Facebook HERE to stay on top of all the happenings and excitement on the forum.