Practice and Fitness Training Whips

The “Practical” Whips

The Practical Whips are not hybrid whips. These whips are not for fast routines.  Fast routines and trick cracking generally require a shorter, lighter whip.  However, though those techniques are rather different, the cracks themselves are exactly the same; and to learn and practice basic cracks in a slow, controlled manner is imperative to achieving success.  By building muscle memory correctly, you will be able to pick up and perform with any whip, regardless of its length or weight.

Practical whips are a standard style bullwhip with one little difference:  The “grip.”  I make the handle lacing in such a way that it allows the user to hold it consistently every time.  It “locks” your hand in place and gives you a straight guide to use when practicing targets.  This is an incredible tool when one is learning a new crack, or practicing an old one.

This being said, my practice whips are approximately 6.5 feet in overall length (a 5.5 foot thong and 12 inch handle).  They are lightly loaded, with weight traveling all the way down to the fall hitch. I do this because that tiny bit of weight will ensure a smooth, slow roll out and precise direction.  This makes them wonderfully accurate for target work.  Further, in order to ensure a balanced whip, additional weight  is placed at the heel knot.  Much like a sword is balanced, an effort has been made to make the Practical Whips balanced and easy to crack.

Lastly, all of my whips are waxed and made to use in any weather.  If you get them wet, simply hang them up to dry.  If you get them dirty, a bit of dish detergent on a toothbrush will clean them up.  Like any paracord whip, they are weather friendly; however, when I wax my whips, I add coconut oil to the bath, as it is a natural antibacterial and will further safeguard your whip from mold and mildew.

Please note that there are climates in the north that reach well below 0.  Since paraffin is in the wax bath, it will freeze in extreme temperatures and cause stress to the inner binding of the whip.  Cracking at 0 or below is not recommended.  If you have access to a gymnasium or somewhere with high ceilings and a smooth floor during these cold days, you will be much happier and so will your whip.

Practical Whips do not have any fancy plaiting other than the style shown.  Customer can request color for the knots and thong and a $60.00 nonrefundable deposit will need to be be put down at the time of order, with the balance to be paid when the whip is finished.  Full price for each whip is $150 USD + shipping.  Please email me at to discuss your order.

There are hundreds of paracord colors to choose from.  If you want something more specific than just giving me a general color, go HERE and choose something specific in 550 or 650 paracord.  When you email me with your order, simply give me the exact name from the website of the color of your choice and I will order it and build your whip with the color you specify.  Currently,  I offer 3 styles of practical whip:


6.5 foot whip with a ringbolt hitch between 2 turkshead knots.  Handle features and heel decoration otherwise will vary according to color scheme at the whipmaker’s discretion.  Another example of a Tesla whip is found at the top of this page and below is a wonderful product review video showing this whip in action.


The diamond plait whip handle is very popular in terms of looks.  My own practice and exercise whip is this style and is the brown whip seen in the photos.  Customer may choose thong color and a separate handle color.

Double Grapevine

This practical whip style features a half moku grapevine hitch halfway down the handle. Like the other practical whips is it built accordingly with the 5.5 foot weighted thong and 12″ handle.  Once again, handle features and heel decoration otherwise will vary according to color scheme at the whipmaker’s discretion.

*The black and tan double grapevine whip pictures were taken by Robert Amper at

Whip cracking as exercise? What?

Yes!  Absolutely!  During my weight loss journey, I had tried so many ways to try and exercise.  Whip cracking is my joy.  It builds muscle memory, strengthens and tones your arms, your core, chest and shoulders.  It helps with balance and coordination.  It’s relaxing and meditative.  Coupled with a healthy balanced diet and cardio, whip cracking is a wonderful end to a workout.  I make my whips for this.  The practice whips are balanced and weighted for successful results.

Finally, I want to extend a big thank you again, to Robby Amper at Whip Basics, for being so kind as to take the time to review these whips for me, and for the wonderful photographs of the Double Grapevine Practical Whip above.

*SHIPPING: I deeply regret the incredible shipping costs from the US.   A little known fact is, that I can ship up to 4 whips in the same flat rate box for the same price.  If you have a friend or neighbor that would also like to order a whip, I would be happy to send them both in the same box so you can split the shipping costs.