A few words from some happy customers is always welcome.  I thank and appreciate every one of my customers and sincerely hope every whip I make gives as much joy to their owners as they gave me when making them.

Hello Jessie, 
Just wanted to let you know that my whip arrived today.  I am letting the whip warm up just now, will unroll it and try it out just a bit after lunch. Not sure how much room I have in the house, but I’ll try it anyway. It looks fantastic, I think the colors are very similar to the colors of my birds. The speckled part of the handle reminds me of the iridescence often seen on the necks of pigeons, thank you for that nice touch. My first impression is that it certainly meets the expectations I had after watching Robert Amper’s review. Little surprises such as the eye at the end of the fall, the extra crackers, and the Velcro wrap add to my feeling of satisfaction with you and your work. Thank you again for your suggestions and working with me in such a timely manner. I will let you know my cracking goes when I can use it in warmer conditions.

William, New York USA

**It’s the waiting that’s the hardest!  Once it’s all broke in, you won’t have to worry about the cold so much.  Have fun!  ~Jessie

02/19/2018 followup email:

Hello Jessie,

I just wanted to let you know how I am enjoying the whip. I was not able to get outside due to the weather. I did, however, find that if I were careful I could do some basic work with the whip in the house. I would kneel down and do some slow roll outs, forward and backwards, and also do some low powered underhand, forward and sidearm flicks. This all together was a chance to break in the whip in a warm situation, and let me get familiar with how it felt in my hands. After about a week I was getting small cracks which pleased me very much. The last few days I was able to get outside where it performed wonderfully. I am working on the 4 crack routine that Robert Amper suggests in his whip basics DVD’s, using both hands. I definitely need more practice, especially with my left hand, but am happy to report that I seem to be getting more cracks than misses. The whip feel great in my hands, and if I work in a slow fashion as Robby suggests it is very controllable. I particularly like that it is short enough to be used indoors in a careful manner. This allowed me to get some practice time and let me have a head start when I was able to get outdoors.

Thank you again for a great product.

William, New York, USA

**Thank you for the update!  I am thrilled that you are having a great time with your whip and it’s working out well for you and that Robby’s videos are a big help as well!  They are a great first step to whipcracking.  Take care!  ~Jessie

Jessie, the whip is fantastic! It is such a pleasure to crack and it is so beautiful. It is exactly what I asked for. Everything about the whole experience, from ordering to receiving the whip, was wonderful. I really appreciate the way you kept me informed on the progress of the build. Thank you so much.

Mark -Texas, USA

**I am thrilled that you are enjoying it!  ~Jessie

I have been very pleased with my Sui Generis Diamond bullwhip. It was shipped in a timely manner and was very well packaged to insure protection of the whip during transit. The whip was beautifully crafted and the quality time and work was evident the moment that I unpackaged it. More impressive than this was the feel and functionality of the whip in use. It does exactly what you tell it to do with a controllable grace that truly makes it a Diamond in my book!

-Geoffrey Tucker, Alabama, USA

**Thank you so much for the kind words, Geoff!  I am ecstatic that you are enjoying your whip!  ~Jessie

I have only had a good whip for about 3½ months and before that, I tried for more than 1½ years to do simple routines with a bad whip without never succeeding.

Now, it is about 14 days ago since I received my practical whip from you and things are going faster and faster.  Right now, I have been out cracking with the practical whip for half an hour and it is just fantastic what it does!  The whip behaves well and new (simple) things such as the coachman’s crack just work out after the second attempt.  I have never managed to get my hands on this before! The change of hands in the cross over from Whip Basics homepage feels quite simple with this whip too and the simple routines from whip basics DVD 1 and the start of the 20/20 challenge on the  Whip Basics homepage feels easy to do now. 

There is something about this whip, which I cannot explain. It is so light and simple to crack, and at the same time it is balanced, so when I do those above-mentioned basic routines with my eyes closed it seems like the whip tells me what to do.  I feel it is almost like a meditation thing now – to crack with my eyes closed.

I read here, that sometimes the whip pick’s you – This practical whip picked me!!!!!!

 As you know, this whip is also perfect for a smaller woman too.  My wife is 158 cm /46 kg and she tried to crack a whip for the first time in her life – and she loves it! The weight, the length, everything.  After two days doing circus cracks with both hands she can do it almost perfect, so now she is watching Whip Basics – A beginners Guide Volume 1 every time she has time to watch it.  That is why I had to order a Practical whip for her after only 8 days practicing with mine!

I surely recommend you to everyone interested in whip cracking and who are interested in developing his or her skills.  I am just so satisfied with my practical whip!

-Flemming Bo Christiansen, Denmark

 **Wonderful to hear, Flemming!  I’m especially happy to know your wife is      joining in on the fun and health associated with this unique exercise.  I am also very happy to hear that you are enjoying the Whip Basics DVD’s.  They really are a great foundation for learning and Robby does a great job at getting everyone started safely.   Enjoy your whips!  ~Jessie